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In this part we shall cover a wide range of Science and GK Question which will enhance your knowledge and help you in achieving greater heights. Science and GK Questions are suitable for all school and college students and also suitable for competitive exam preparations. General Science Quiz and GK for Students, Teachers, Competitors etc… Participate in our daily quiz contest and win exciting prizes.

1. What is Carborandum?
ANS – It is called Silicon Carbide, Melting point – 2,730 °C, Density – 3.21 g/cm³Molar mass – 40.11 g/mol

2. Why Bryophytes are called as amphibian plants?
ANS – Because They are found both in water and on land

3. Formula of Caustic Soda is?
ANS – NaOH, Density: 2.13 g/cm³, Boiling point: 1,388 °C

4. What is the Chemical formula of Water glass?
ANS – Na2SiO3

5. Cell theory was propounded by?
ANS – Schleiden and Schwann, or Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann in 1839

6. Who discovered Cholera Bacillus?
ANS – Robert Koch, discovered in 1884 ( Born in 1843- Died in 1910). In 1882, he also discovered the tubercle bacillus that caused tuberculosis

7. Citrus fruits are considered a rich source of which vitamin ?
ANS – Vitamin C. ( Lemon, Orange, Pomelo, Yuzu etc )

8. What the Chromosomes are made up of?
ANS – DNA as a main component

9. Carbohydrates are the compounds of ?
ANS – Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen

10. A woman who rents her womb to produce a child for others is known as?
ANS – Surrogate Mother

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