Science GK Questions and Answers Part 2

Science Quiz and GK Part-2

1. What we call a woman who rents her womb to produce a child for others?
ANS – Surrogate mother

2. A Super conductor is characterized by?
ANS – Zero permeability

3. What does Acetic acid on decarboxylation give?
ANS – Methane

4. What does Aerated water contain?

5. AIDS is caused by Virus. This is True or False?
ANS – True

6. Age of fossil may be found out by determining the ratio of two isotopes of carbon.What are those?
ANS – C-12 and C-14

7. An element which does not react with Oxygen is?
ANS – Helium

8. What we call an instrument which measures and records the relative humidity of air?
ANS – Hygrometer

9. Atoms of the same element, i. e., having the same atomic number that differ in atomic weight, are called?
ANS – Isotopes

10. Atoms are composed of?
ANS – Protons, Electrons and Neutrons