Crew Dragon Mission and Falcon 9

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Crew Dragon Mission and Falcon 9
Crew Dragon Launch Escape – Image By – SpaceX

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All About Falcon 9

HEIGHT70 m / 229.6 ft
DIAMETER3.7 m / 12 ft
MASS549,054 kg / 1,207,920 lb
PAYLOAD TO LEO22,800 kg / 50,265 lb
PAYLOAD TO GTO8,300 kg / 18,300 lb
PAYLOAD TO MARS4,020 kg / 8,860 lb

Falcon 9’s first stage incorporates nine Merlin engines and aluminum-lithium alloy tanks containing liquid oxygen and rocket-grade kerosene (RP-1) propellant.

Falcon 9 generates more than 1.7 million pounds of thrust at sea level.

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The second stage, powered by a single Merlin Vacuum Engine, delivers Falcon 9’s payload to the desired orbit. The second stage engine ignites a few seconds after stage separation, and can be restarted multiple times to place multiple payloads into different orbits.

BURN TIME397 sec
THRUST981 kN / 220,500 lbf

INTERSTAGE of Falcon 9

The interstage is a composite structure that connects the first and second stages, and houses the pneumatic pushers that allow the first and second stage to separate during flight.

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GRID FINS of Falcon 9

Falcon 9 is equipped with four hypersonic grid fins positioned at the base of the interstage. They orient the rocket during reentry by moving the center of pressure.

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PAYLOAD of Falcon 9 Rocket


Made of a carbon composite material, the fairing protects satellites on their way to orbit. The fairing is jettisoned approximately 3 minutes into flight, and SpaceX continues to recover fairings for reuse on future missions.

HEIGHT13.1 m / 43 ft
DIAMETER5.2 m / 17.1 ft

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Falcon 9 Rocket PAYLOAD


Dragon is capable of carrying up to 7 people and/or cargo in the spacecraft’s pressurized section. In addition, Dragon can carry cargo in the spacecraft’s unpressurized trunk, which can also accommodate secondary payloads.

Learn more about Dragon 

HEIGHT8.1 m / 26.6 ft
DIAMETER3.7 m / 12 ft

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SpaceX has never taken people to space before. Its Crew Dragon is a gumdrop-shaped capsule — an upgraded version of SpaceX’s original Dragon capsule, which has been used many times to carry cargo, but not people, to the space station.

Crew Dragon has space for up to seven people but will have only four seats for NASA missions. If this launch succeeds, it will ferry four astronauts to the space station later in the year.

The capsule that carried Mr. Behnken and Mr. Hurley had been nameless until it got to orbit. Saturday night, the astronauts announced the name they had given it: Endeavour, a moniker it shares with both a space shuttle and a British naval research vessel commanded by James Cook.

Quiz On Crew Dragon Mission and Falcon 9

1. A SpaceX rocket carrying two veteran NASA astronauts lifted off on 30thth May on an historic first private crewed flight into space. What is the name of the Rocket?
Ans – Falcon 9

2. Who were the two astronauts aboard the Falcon 9 into the space station?
Ans – Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley

3. Which Launch pad was used for the blast off of Falcon 9?
Ans – Launch Pad 39A

4. From Which space station the Falcon 9 rocket took off with two astronauts?
Ans – Kennedy Space Center, Florida, United States

5. Which is the world’s first orbital class reusable rocket?
Ans – Falcon 9

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