Current Affairs Quiz and GK – 17 December to 19 December 2019

Current Affairs Quiz for 17 December, 18 December and 19 December brings you a wider range of topics. Always watch this space for latest and factual current affairs. Current Affairs December 2019, Political Affairs 2019, Economics Affairs 2019.

1. What is India’s Rank on Gender Gap Index 2019?

ANS : 112
, In the Recently released Gender Gap Index 2019, India was ranked at 112th Position. This was declared by WEF(World Economic Forus). The top three position was held by Iceland, Norway and Finland respectively. Last year in 2018, India’s position was 108.

2. What is the name of the University that developed a robot named “Surena“?

ANS : Tehran University.
Engineering University of Tehran has developed the humanoid robot called “Surena”. The weight of the Robot is about 70 KG and the height is about 170 cm. It can recognize 100 different objects and 100 different voice commands. It can walk at a speed of 0.7KM/hr. This is the 4th version of Surena series and it took 4 years to build the robot Surena.

3. India and Nepal has recently concluded a joint military exercise. What is the name of the exercise?

ANS : Surya Kiran.
Around 300 soldiers from both side had participated in the joint military exercise between India and Nepal, which was comcluded on 16th of December 2019.

4. Who wins the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2019?

ANS : Amitabh Bagchi.
South Asian Literature Award was held in Nepal this year and Amitabh Bagchi wins top Prize of US $25.000 for his book “Half The Night Is Gone”.
The US $25,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature which was started by Manhad Narula and Surina Narula in the year 2010, is one of the most prestigious international literary awards which mainly focuses on South Asian writing.

5. “Jalsathi” Programme was recently launched in which state?

ANS : Odisha.
The Chief Minister of Odisha, naveen Pattnaik has recently launched the programme called “Jalsathi”. The aim of the programme is to provide Safe drinking Water. He also launched an Mobile App named “JalSathi” in this occasion.
The program will be implemented in 8 wards of State Capital Bhubaneswar initially.

6. India has recently signed an agreement with which country to for transfer of defence technology?

India signed deal with United States for transfer of defence technology.The two nation has also agreed to fight strongly against terrorism.

7. Which book was written by PM Narendra Modi that was recently launched in Braille version?

ANS : Exam Warriors.
Union Minister Thaawarchand Gehlot has recently launched the Exam Warriors – braille version, which was written by PM Modi, which aims to take out the fear from the minds of students at time of Exams.

8. Who got Sahitya Akademy Award for creative non-fiction category in English literature ?

ANS – Shashi Tharoor. Known for his extraordinary english skill, Tharoor has recently won the Sahitya Akademy Award for non-fiction English literature.

9. Which CBI officer awarded “India Cyber Cop of the Year 2019”?

ANS : B P Raju.
CBi Officer B P Raju has been awarded as ” India Cyber Cop of the Year 2019 ” for his extraordinary work on cracking a fraud case in online entrance exam in Rajasthan.

10. When is Goa Liberation Day is celebrated?

ANS : 19 December
. Goa Liberation Day is celebrated on 19th of December everyday to commemorate Indian armed forces freeing Goa from Portuguese rules in 1961.

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