Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

Before write an Essay on Mahatma Gandhi, let’s take a quick look. Mahatma Gandhi was a great public figure. His role in social and political reform was phenomenal. He rid the society of these social evils. Bapu was the voice of every poor, every suppressed and every Indian.

Gandhiji was such a tall public figure, that we can’t describe him in an essay. Many People has written books & Biography on him, But no one could completely picturize him through pen and paper. In this Essay on Mahatma Gandhi, we will try to focus on main topics and events associated with him.

Introduction To Mahatma Gandhi :

Mother India gave birth to one of its great son in the year 1869. And the day was a fine Saturday, 2nd of October. Kaba Gandhi’s (Karamchand Gandhi) wife Putli Bai Gandhi Gave Birth to a bright ‘Sun‘ at Gujarat’s Porbandar and gave his name Mohandas or Monia.

As they say everyone has born to a cause! Perhaps God has sent Gandhiji to fulfill that cause. And the cause was to End the British Raj in India. He was also known as Bapu. His good name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Now let’s know about his education and early life.

Gandhi was an average student. He completed his high school and joined college, within few days he was dropped from the college. Then he decided to go to London to study Law and completed his law study there.

Bapu came back to India and after 2 Years of struggle, But he went to South Africa to practice law and work for the people. He practiced law for a good 20 years and in this 20 years, he never stood for wrong cases. Gandhi ji was always very careful about his cases. So, He always refuse to take false cases and never stood up for the wrong ones.

This all tells us that how truthful Gandhiji was from inside his heart. Gandhiji Always believed that Truth is the biggest dharma one can stand for. Without truth there is no value of life. Where he could have earned a lot of money by fighting for any cases, But he was particular about the right ones.

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