GK on Indian Constitution

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Best GK on Indian Constitution

1. In the event of the resignation or death of the Prime Minister:
A) the Ministry is dissolved
B) fresh general elections must take place
C) the Cabinet may choose another leader
D) the President decides what to do
Ans – A) the Ministry is dissolved  

2. In the Indian Constitution, which type of the Sabha is mentioned under Panchayat Raj?
A) Gram Sabha
B) Zila Sabha
C) District Sabha
D) Nagar Panchayat Sabha
Ans – A) Gram Sabha  

3. Right to free education within certain limits is?
A) guaranteed as a fundamental right
B) enshrined in the Directive Principles of State policy
C) outlined in the Preamble of the constitution
D) None of these
Ans – B) enshrined in the Directive Principles of State policy  

4. In the Constitution of India, promotion of international peace and security is mentioned in the:
A) Preamble to the Constitution
B) Directive Principles of State Policy
C) Fundamental Duties
D) Ninth Schedule
Ans – B) Directive Principles of State Policy

5. The idea of the Constitution of India was first of all given by :
A) Mahatma Gandhi
B) Dr. B R Ambedkar
C) Jawaharlal Nehru
D) M N Roy
Ans – D) M N Roy

6. The Indian Constitution closely follows the constitutional system of:
C) Switzerland
D) Russia
Ans – B) UK

7. The first Five-Year Plan in India was launched in the year?
A) 1947
B) 1948
C) 1950
D) 1951
Ans –  D) 1951  

8. Which was the lengthiest amendment to the Constitution of India?
A) 30th Amendment.
B) 42nd Amendment
C) 44th Amendment
D) 24th Amendment
Ans -B) 42nd Amendment  

9. Which writ is issued by a High Court or the Supreme Court to compel an authority to perform a function that it was not performing ?
A) Writ of Mandamus
B) Writ of Quo Warranto
C) Writ of Habeas Corpus
D) Writ of Certiorari
Ans -A) Writ of Mandamus  

10. In a Federal State:
A) States are more powerful than the Centre
B) Centre is more powerful than States
C) a Presidential form of government functions
D) Constitution effects division of powers between the Centre and States with safeguards against transgression of jurisdiction
Ans –   A) States are more powerful than the Centre  

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