Indian Constitution General Knowledge

Quiz and GK on Indian Constitution Part-2

1. When the Constitutional status for the Panchayati raj and urban self- governing institutions was constituted, Who was the Prime Minister of India?
ANS – Narasimha Rao ( Pamulaparti Venkata Narasimha Rao )

2. “Preamble is the part of the basic structure of the Constitution and can be amended only if no change in the basic structure is made”. True or False?
ANS – True

3. Who has the right to impose reasonable restrictions on the Fundamental Rights?
ANS – President of India

4. Who has the Authority to approve President Rule in a states of India?
ANS – Parliament of India

5. According to Preamble of Indian Constitution, the ultimate power lies in the hands of whom?
ANS – People

6. Who becomes the chairman of Rajya Sabha?
ANS – Vice President of India (By default Vice President became the Chairman of Rajya sabha)

7. If the Prime Minister of India belongs to the Upper House of Parliament, Can he/She vote in his/her favor in the event of no-confidence motion?
ANS – NO, If PM is a member of Rajya Sabha, He/She can’t vote in his/her favor if no-confidence motion takes place.

8. If the Speaker of the Lok Sabha wants to vacate the office before the expiry of his/her term, To Whom he/she needs to sends his resignation?
ANS – Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

9. The first Amendment to the Indian Constitution was made to which Schedule of the constitution?
ANS – The Ninth Schedule

10. The Central Govt’s Portfolios are allocated to the Ministers by whom?
ANS – Prime Minister