Indian Constitution GK Questions

Quiz and GK on Indian Constitution Part-3

1. Planning commission is established by which resolution?
ANS – The Cabinet Resolution

2. The Ordinance issued by Governor of a state is subject to approval by?
ANS – State Legislature

3.The Supreme Court of India Can accept the appeal against a high court judgement on what gound?
ANS – If There is sufficient Legal Jurisdiction in it

4. Which political party was first de-recognized and later on again recognized as a National Party by Election Commission of India ?
ANS – Communist Party of India(M)

5. The Executive authority of India is vested by the constitution in whom?
ANS – President [/bg_collapse]

6. The Estimate committee consists of how many members from Lok sabha?
ANS – 30 Members from Lok Sabha

7. Why the Constitution of India was promulgated on 26th January 1950?
ANS – Because this day was celebrated as Independence Day Since 1929.

8. What does the constitution of India describe India?
ANS – Union of States. Constitution Describes India as Union of States.

9. The word ‘socialist secular’ and ‘unity and integrity of the Nation’ were added to our Constitution by which amendment?
ANS – 42nd Amendment of Constitution.

10. For how many years the Rajya Sabha MP are elected?
ANS – 5 Years