List of Intelligence Agencies of The World


Here is the complete list of intelligence agencies of the world or INTEL of the World. An intelligence agency is a government agency or organisation that deal with analyzing, collection and exploitation of information and intelligence for national security, law enforcement, military and foreign policy objectives. Upon Completion of this chapter, you will be able to identify various Intelligence Agencies and their affiliation countries.

List of Intelligence Agencies of The World and Detective Agencies

CountryIntelligence Agencies
Global Intelligence Agencies • International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization- NATO
India • Research & Analysis Wing (RAW)
• Intelligence Bureau (IB)
• Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
USA Intelligence Agencies • Dept. of Homeland Security
• National Counter Intelligence Executive
• Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
• National Security Agency (NSA)
• National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
• National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
• Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
• Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Australia • Australian Secret Intelligence Service
• Australian Secret Intelligence Organization
• Australian Federal Police
• Australian Protective Service (APS)
• Indonesia – State Intelligence Agency  (BIN)
• New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
United Kingdom Mi5
• Mi6
• Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)
• National Criminal Intelligence Service
• Metropolitan Police [Scotland Yard]
• Office of Surveillance Commissioners
• GCHQ- Government Communications Headquarters
• UK Home Office – Terrorism
Canada • Security Intelligence Review Committee
• Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
• Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
• Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CSIC)
China • Central External Liaison Department
Central and South America • Argentina – Federal Police
• Argentina – National Gendarmerie
• Brazil – Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN)
• Colombia – Administrative Department of Security (DAS)
• Mexico – Center for Research on National Security (CISEN)
• Mexico – Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA)
• Mexico – Secretariat of the Navy (SM)
• Mexico – Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE)
• Mexico – Secretariat of Public Security (SSP)
• Mexico – Attorney General of the Republic (PGR)
• Mexico – Federal District Judicial Police (PJDF)
• Peru – Consejo Nacional de Inteligencia (National Intelligence Council)
African Intelligence Agencies • South Africa – South African Secret Service
• South Africa – Department of Defense
• South Africa – National Intelligence Agency
Pakistan • National Accountability Bureau
• Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)
Taiwan  • Ministry of National Defense          
• National Security Bureau           
• National Police Administration             
• Investigation Bureau
Russia • Foreign Intelligence Services (SVR)
• Federal Security Services (FSB)
• FSB Voronej Oblast Website
• Interlinked System for Recognizing Enemies (SOUD)
Middle East • Israel – Mossad: Institute for Intelligence and Special Task
• Israel – Shabak: Security Services
• Israel – Aman:  Military Intelligence
• Israeli Foreign Ministry Official Homepage
• Jordan – General Intelligence Department
• Turkey – National Intelligence Organization (MIT)
Philippines • National Intelligence Coordinating Agency
Japan • Cabinet Office
• Cabinet Secretariat
• Public Security Intelligence Agency
• Defense Facilities Administration Agency
• Ground Self Defense Force
• Defense Agency
• Maritime Self-Defense Force
• Air Self Defense Force
• National Police Agency
• National Public Safety Commission
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Ministry of Justice
• Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
• Japanese External Trade Organization
South Korea • Ministry of National Defense
• Defense Security Command
• Central Intelligence Agency
• National Police Agency
• Presidential Security Services
• National Intelligence Services
European Intelligence Agencies • Belgium Military Intelligence and Security Service
• Croatia National Security Office
• Czech Republic Security Information Service (BIS)
• Danish Intelligence Service Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET)
• Estonia Security Police Board
• Finish Security Police
• France DGSE – General Directorate for External Security
• France DAS – Délégation aux Affaires Stratégiques (Delegation of Strategic Affairs)
• German – The Federal Intelligence Service (BND)
• German – Military Intelligence Services (MAD)
• German – Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BFV)
• Greece – National Intelligence Service
• Hungarian National Security Office
• Hungarian Information Agency
• Hungarian Military Intelligence Office
• Italy – Italian Intelligence Community
• Netherlands – General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD)
• Netherlands – Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD)
• Norway – National Police Security Service
• Norwegian Intelligence Service
• Poland – Government Intelligence Community
• Poland – Foreign Intelligence Community
• Portugal Intelligence System
• Portugal – Security Intelligence Service
• Romanian – Intelligence Service (SRI)
• Romanian – Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE)
• Serbian – Security Intelligence Agency
• Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency
• Spain – National Intelligence Center (CNI)
• Sweden – Military Intelligence and Security Service (MUST)
• Swedish Security Police (SAPO)
• Sweden – SIGINT Intelligence Organization (FRA)
• Switzerland – Strategic Intelligence Service (SIS)
• Switzerland – Federal Office of Police
• Ukraine – National Security Services

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