Science GK Questions and Answers Part 3

Science Quiz and GK Part-3

1. Optical Fibers are main used in?
ANS – Communication

2. 1 Micron is equal to?
ANS- 1/1000 th of 1 mm

3. Paper is manufactured using?
ANS –  Wood, hydrogen sulphate, Calcium, and resin

4. Oxygen is manufactured by fractional evaporation of Liquid Air. True or False?
ANS – True

5. What is the chemical name of the salt that we consume everyday on our food?
ANS – Sodium Chloride

6. What kind of wax is Paraffin?
ANS – Petroleum Wax

7. What is the role of liquid sodium in nuclear reactors?
ANS – It is used as a coolant

8. Particles emitted from a radio active nuclear is called?
ANS – Fast moving Electrons

9. What is the use of Graphite in nuclear reactor?
ANS – It is used as a Moderator.

10. By adding what, permanent hardness of water can be removed?
ANS – Washing Soda