Science Quiz and GK For Kids With Answers

Science is always interesting to learn and specially kids show great interest in learning new things about science. Here we have tried various aspect of science. This Science Quiz and GK for Kids section with answers would certainly win the hearts and brains of both school going kids or students and even their parents.

science quiz and gk for kids

After learning these science and gk quiz for kids, Play these interesting Quiz show on various other topics. We are adding more science and gk quiz, current affairs, daily news headlines, other quizzes every day. As a community it would help everyone on this earth. is your once stop destination for all such things.

Q : Neutron was discovered by whom?
Ans : James Chadwick

Q : How it seems when a red glass is heated in dark room?
Ans : Green

Q : Which Planet is also called as TWIN SISTER of of the Earth?
Ans : Venus

Q : Which waves are used in Sonography?
Ans : Ultrasonic Waves

Q :Why the hair of a saving brush cling together after the brush is removed from water?
Ans : Due to Surface Tension

Q :What do the submarine sailors use to see the objects on the surface ?
Ans : Periscope

Q :Why the stars are twinkling?
Ans : Due to refraction

Q :Who had discovered Cathode rays?
Ans : Sir William Crooke.

Q :How much blood contains in an adult person’s body?
Ans : Normally, 5-6 Llitre

Q :Why is it easier to swim in sea-water?
Ans : It’s only because of the density of the sea water, which is higher than normal water.

The mind of Kids are faster than a Super computer. They learn thing much much faster than anyone. Some time they don’t express, but they feed things on their brain very fast. Teach them various general knowledge, tell them about current affairs to keep their outlook level high.

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