Science Quiz For Kids

Kids are always curious about science. And science is a very vast subject! So we have specially designed science quiz for kids. They show great interest to learn new things, new facts and new possibilities. The world of science is so fun.

General Science Quiz For Kids

This section comprises of General science quiz for kids with answers. After each section, kids will learn a lot of new things.

Q. What travels faster than the rest?
A – Speed of Sound
B – Supersonic Jet
C – Space Craft
D – Light
Ans – Light. Light Travels at a speed of 299792458 meter per second or 670,616,629 miles per hour.

science quiz for kids

Q. How much time it takes our mother earth to orbit the sun?
A – 328 Days
B – 390 Days
C – 365 Days
D – 400 Days
Ans – 365 Days

Q. Which is a natural satellite of earth?
A – Titan
B – Moon
C – Jupiter
D – Insat 3B
Ans –Moon

Q. What is the size of the radius of Sun?
A – 25000 Miles
B – 696 340 km
C – 200 300 km
D – 611 280 Miles
Ans – 696 340 km radius

Q. Diamond is consist of__________?
A – Carbon
B – Iron
C – Platinum
D – Stone
Ans – Carbon. Carbon Atoms are bond together to form a diamond.

Q. What is the largest cell in the human body?
A – Nerve Cells
B – Ovum
C – Epithelial Cells
D – Muscle Cells
Ans – Ovum. It is present in Female body and the diameter is 0.1mm

Q. Which is the largest Cell in the World?
A – Ostrich’s Egg
B – Ovum
C – Peacock’s Egg
D – Crane Bird’s Egg
Ans – Ostrich’s Egg. Weighing about 1.5 Kg.

Q. What is the melting point of Iron? ( At what temperature the iron melts)
A – 100 °C
B – 231.9 °C
C – 1,538 °C
D – 1768 °C
Ans – 1,538 °C or 2800.4 °F

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