summer season essay 10 lines

summer season essay 10 lines

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  1. Summer is a season that comes after spring.
  2. During summer, the weather becomes very hot and sunny.
  3. We wear light and cool clothes during summer to stay comfortable.
  4. We enjoy eating cold things like ice cream and popsicles in summer.
  5. Many fruits like mangoes and watermelons are available during the summer season.
  6. We can go for a swim in the pool or play in the sprinklers to beat the heat.
  7. The days are longer during summer, which means we have more time to play and have fun.
  8. Some animals like snakes and lizards come out more often during summer.
  9. We need to drink a lot of water during summer to stay hydrated.
  10. Summer vacations usually happen during this season, and we can go on trips or spend time with our family and friends.

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