What is the meaning of Unicorn

Now a days, the word Unicorn is doing the round ! What is the meaning of Unicorn Company or Start up. In Short, A unicorn Company is when net-worth become 1 Billion Dollar. But let us understand this in detail.

The word unicorn is more popular in the start up world. There may be a question in your mind that, ” What is a start up”. Most of you may know about all these technical terms used in the commercial space. But we have to describe it for our new comers or freshers.

What is the meaning of Unicorn

What is a Start Up?

As the word suggests, it basically means the Beginning of a new company!

  • A company Started by an individual or group of people
  • Started with “mostly own fund” or money
  • Aim to raise fund later stage
  • Main goal is to innovate something new
  • Something unique or different, and good for the society

These start up owners/co-founders are often referred as Entrepreneurs.

When a Start-up Become a Unicorn ?

So, now we come to the technical part. The financial world is dominated by the value of Dollar. Specifically American Dollar. Because, America is still the most rich and advanced country in the world and their currency is considered as the Gold standard of measuring the currency valuation.

In the below list, few specific points are noted about the qualification of a start up company to become a unicorn.

What is the meaning of Unicorn

  • Value of the company or startup must be at-least 1 Billion Dollar
  • Valuation of a company depends on multiple factors.
  • It includes, Geographical Positions, Innovation level, Area of interest or operation, Assets build, Products or Services, Quality clients/customers and so on.
  • In India’s Context the Value of a Unicorn changes as per the changing value of US Dollar.

You must check latest US Dollar value in comparison to Indian Rupee to get the exact value of a unicorn company.

What is the Dollar value Today ?

1 Us Dollar = Rs. 75.05 (28/Nov/2021)

Value of a Unicorn Start-up Today

So the value of a unicorn will be,
$ 1000000000 = Rs. 75,05,30,00,000 ( Roughly : Seventy-five Thousand Crore Rupees )

You must know more about Venture Capital, Angel Capital, Entrepreneurs, Start-up Company, Unicorn Company, Indian Unicorn Company etc.

Financial Literacy is the most important in today’s world to stay relevant in the world of business and start up. Which is very complicated and often mis-understood. We always try our best to describe all these terms to you in a simpler manner.

Now that you get an idea about, What is the meaning of Unicorn Start up, Let’s Know how many Unicorn are there in India and the rest of the World.

How Many Unicorn Company in India?

  • More Than 66 Unicorns are there in India as of 28 November 2021
  • Forty Unicorns Join the list just in Last 11 Months

The Unicorn Quiz – What is the meaning of Unicorn

Q. Which is India’s Fastest Unicorn Company ?
Ans – Mensa.

Q. How many Start up companies get to the Unicorn list in 2021 so far?
Ans – 40 So far

Q. In Total, How many Start ups are there in the Indian Unicorn List?
Ans – 70 and Counting

Q. How many Unicorn are there in the World as of 2021?
Ans – 900 and up

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