Xmass Quiz with answers and Explanation

As x-mass 2019 is approaching, the world is gearing up for the grand Christmas celebration with joy and happy! We are here to provide you general knowledge on Christmas or x-mass. Click here to Play xmass quiz and other quiz and Win Gifts.

x-mass quiz
Santa’s Selfie with x-mass tree – By imageQ

Christmas quiz with answer is a unique way to en-light your knowledge on Marry Christmas celebrations , best food ideas for Christmas, Best decoration idea for Christmas 2019. Let’s take a look at all the informative & fun xmass quiz with known and unknown facts.

1. Who is the first President to decorate the White House Christmas tree?
ANS : Franklin Pierce

2. What kind of Christmas does Elvis Presley sing about?
ANS : Blue

3. From Which country did the gingerbread house come?
ANS : Germany

4. In which year was “A Christmas Carol”, by Charles Dickens, published?
ANS : 1843

5. Which reindeer is Rudolph’s father?
ANS : Donner ( In Rankin/Bass series Rudolph’s Father is Donner and in ‘GoodTimes’ retelling, Rudolph’s father is Blitzen.

6. What Christmas plant is “Viscum” used to label?
ANS : Mistletoe ( Viscum is a genus of about 70–100 species of mistletoes, native to temperate and tropical regions of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Wiki)

cranberry sauce xmass quiz image
cranberry sauce – By imageQ

7. What Christmas food is made from “marsh-whorts” ?
ANS : Cranberry sauce

8. “The Cultivation of Christmas Trees” is written by whom?
ANS : T.S. Eliot

9. Christmas Island is in which ocean?
ANS : India Ocean ( Christmas Island is a territory of Australian in the Indian Ocean, lying south of Java, Indonesia. The Capital of Christmas Island is “Flying Fish Cove” )

10. Who has invented the Christmas cracker ?
ANS : Tom Smith

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