Biology GK Questions

We have selected a range of Biology GK Questions for various exams. Every effort is made to facilitate maximum question bank and regularly updating and adding new GK Questions. We have also simplified it by dividing them into various parts and categories.

Biology is often considered as a subject of medical students. But apart from medical aspirants, it is important for Agricultural students also. But all these are in the context of higher studies.

For pre-college or school students, Apart from Physics, Mathematics and chemistry, Biology is also an important topic. In this subject they learn about;

  • Animals and their body structure
  • Digestive Systems and Respiratory systems
  • Complexity of Brain and Heart etc…

Similarly, they also learn about;

  • Plant Kingdom
  • Flowers & Reproduction of Plants
  • Components, Tissues and Cells of different Plants etc…

Basic Bio GK Question

Let’s learn some basic things first. For more Bio gk question and answer, please click on link below and navigate to the subject/chapter directly.

Question :

  1. What is the basic unit of life ?
  2. By which method Plants get energy from Sun?
  3. What does the Greek word Bios refers to?( In the context of Biology)
  4. Study of animal is called as?
  5. Full form of DNA?

Answer :

1. Cell 2. Photosynthesis 3. Life 4. Zoology 5. Deoxyribonucleic acid

biology gk questions and answers
Biology gk questions

Important Biology GK Questions

You can click on each chapter to read, hence you will learn new things which will help you achieve your career goals.

  • Q&A Human Body
  • Bacteria & Viruses
  • Life & Science of Plants
  • Animals & Birds
  • Biology MCQ
  • Neet / Medical Q&A
  • Organs & Their Functions

Bio GK Question – MCQ

  • Biology for Standard 9
  • Bio For Standard 8
  • Biology for Standard 1 to 5

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