Janmashtami Quiz and Aswers

Janmashtami Quiz and Aswers

Question 1: What is the other name for Krishna Janmashtami, which signifies the birth of Lord Krishna? Answer: Gokulashtami Question 2: On which day of the Hindu lunar calendar is Janmashtami typically celebrated? Answer: Eighth day (Ashtami) of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada Question 3: Lord Krishna…

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GK Quiz with Answers

GK Quiz with Answers

Title: The Ultimate GK Quiz: Test Your Knowledge with Answers Are you ready to put your general knowledge to the test? We’ve compiled a diverse and intriguing GK quiz that covers a wide range of topics. From history and science to literature and pop culture, these questions will challenge your…

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In the realm of modern education and professional training, the digital landscape has significantly transformed how we learn and evaluate knowledge. One innovative tool that stands out is FlexiQuiz, a dynamic online platform designed to create, administer, and analyze quizzes, surveys, and assessments. Through its user-friendly interface and extensive features, FlexiQuiz…

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Spectrum Modern History MCQ pdf

You can download the Spectrum Modern History MCQ pdf from the below link. We have a wide range of question bank with answers important for UPSC, IAS Prelims and IAS Mains Exam. Ancient History, Medieval History and Modern History are the three main category of history. This segment is dedicated…

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Bihu Festival Quizzes with Answers

What is the main agricultural festival of Assam, celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm? Answer: Bihu festival. What are the three Bihu festivals celebrated in Assam? Answer: Rongali Bihu, Kongali Bihu, and Bhogali Bihu. During which month is Rongali Bihu celebrated in Assam? Answer: April. Which dance form is traditionally…

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Personality Quiz

Top Personality Quiz for all age group and different interest groups. We have included Popular Personalities from different sections like Cricket, Sports, Movies, Politics.

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Sachin Tendulkar Quiz

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Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

Before write an Essay on Mahatma Gandhi, let’s take a quick look. Mahatma Gandhi was a great public figure. His role in social and political reform was phenomenal. He rid the society of these social evils. Bapu was the voice of every poor, every suppressed and every Indian. Gandhiji was such…

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Christmas Quiz Questions And Answers

Christmas quiz questions and answers : Marry Christmas is coming and everyone waiting for the special occasion. But do you know enough about Christmas? We are going to bring you a variety of Christmas quiz questions and answers in this section. Play Special Christmas Quiz and Win Paytm Cash. Christmas…

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Biology GK Questions

We have selected a range of Biology GK Questions for various exams. Every effort is made to facilitate maximum question bank and regularly updating and adding new GK Questions. We have also simplified it by dividing them into various parts and categories. Biology is often considered as a subject of…

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