Current Affairs Quiz and GK 10 December 2019

10th December 2019 has a power packed current affairs ao we have comprised a quiz and gk set for you. Many topics like Golden Tweet, NSE Chairman are discussed.

Current Affairs quiz and gk for 9 december 2019 is a great source of iformation on Day’s top news and developments. Take a look. Also Read Other current affairs here.

1. Whose Tweet has been recently featured as ‘Golden Tweet 2019’ of India?
A. Sachin Tendulkar
B. Narendra Modi
C. Kapil Sharma
D. Times of India
ANS : Narendra Modi

2. Recently a Hindi Poet has been awarded the Gangadhar National Award. What is his name?
A. Vishwanath Prasad
B. Kumar Viswas
C. Debdutt Pattnaik
D. Saswat Sangram
ANS : Viswanath Prassad

3. Who is currently appointed as NSE’s ( National Stock Exchage) new chairman?
A. Raghuram Rajan
B. Girish Chandra Chaturvedi
C. Vikram Limaye
D. Ashok Chawla
ANS : Girish Chandra Chaturvedi

4. Which Indian Telecom Company has recently started wifi calling for it’s mobile customer?
A. Jio
B. Vodafone
C. Airtel
ANS : Airtel

5. Climax change performance index 2019 has been published recently. What is India’s Position?
A. 19 th
B. 6 th
C. 9 th
D. 3 rd
ANS : 9 th

6. What is India’s latest rank in United Nation’s Human Development Index?
A. 129
B. 131
C. 124
D. 156
ANS : 129

7. When is International Human Rights Day observed?
A. 10 February
B. 1 May
C. 10 December
D. 1 April

8. Who became the No.1 destination for sports tourism in World Travel Awards?
A. Maxico
B. New Delhi
C. Abu Dhabi
D. Toronto
ANS : Abu Dhabi

9. Recently Which country has reported the 1st Polio case in 27 years?
A. Malaysia
B. India
C. Srilanka
D. Nepal
ANS : Malaysia

10. Who has been appointed as Senior Security Advisor in the Home Ministry of India?
A. Ajit Doval
B. D. Satish
C. Shaktikanta Das
D. K Vijay Kumar
ANS : K Vijay Kumar

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