Current Affairs Quiz and GK – 16 December 2019

Todays Top Current affairs quiz and gk 16 december 2019 Brings you several important topics like the winner of Miss World, News about Air Asia, Vijay Diwas, Steeling India campaign and many more general knowledge quizzes.

1. Who is appointed as New Chief Commercial officer of AirAsir,India?
A. Sanjeev Garg
B. Ankur Garg
C. Sanjay Kumar
D. Sunil Bhaskar

ANS : Ankur Garg

2. Who was crowned as Miss World 2019?
A. Suman Rao
B. Zobini Tunzi
C. Toni Ann Singh
D. Vanessa Ponce

ANS : Toni Ann Singh

3. What is the name of Exercise between Indian Army and Srilankan Army that was concluded on 14 of December?
A. Ambassador
B. IND-SR Joint Training
C. Mitra Shakti
D. Power Practice

ANS : Mitra Shakti

4. When is Vijay Diwas Celebrated to commemorate India’s victory over Pakistan in 1971 war?
A. 16 January
B. 21 February
C. 31 march
D. 16 December

ANS : 16 December

5. Who has recently organized “Steeling India- 2019”?
D. L&T


6. Which state recently received the “President’s Colour” to became 7th State to receive the honor?
A. Odisha
B. Rajasthan
C. West bengal
D. Gujarat

ANS : Gujarat

7. Recently railway service was resumed between Wagah and which City in Pakistan after 22 Years?
A. Lahore and Wagah
B. Rawalpindi and Wagah
C. Faisalabad and Wagah
D. Karachi And Wagah

ANS : Lahore and Wagah

8. Who has appointed as new I&B Secretary?
A. S. Subramanium
B. S. Ahulwalia
C. Sushil Kumar
D. Ravi Mittal

ANS : Ravi Mittal

9. Who has been appointed as secretary in Mining Department?
A. Sushil Kumar
B. Ravi Mittal
C. Amit Khare
D. Dhananjay Singh

ANS : Sushil Kumar

10. IT Department has recently mandate the AADHAR and PAN linking by when?
A. 31st March
B. 31st December
C. 1st January
D. 5th January

ANS : 31st December

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