Longest Largest Biggest and Smallest Thing in the World

In This chapter you will read a complete article on Longest Largest Biggest and Smallest Thing in the World which will help you in many competitive exams as we as school and college level general knowledge competitions. We have categorized different type of things into separate table. Largest thing in the world, longest thing in the world, biggest thing in the world, smallest thing in the world and Tallest thing in the world.

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Largest Thing in The World

S. No.TypePlace
1. Largest Desert Sahara Desert (covers a surface area of 3.5 million square miles)
2. Largest Dam Three Gorges Dam (spans the Yangtze River in China)
3. Largest Continent Asia (44.58 Milliom km2 )
4.Largest IslandGreenland ( 2,166,086 km2 )
5. Largest Delta Ganges Delta (Also known as the Bengal Delta, Sunderbans Delta)
6.Largest LibraryUnited State Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
7. Largest Peninsula Arabian Peninsula
8. Largest Solar Plant Yanchi Solar Park, China
9. Largest Sea Bird Royal Albatross
10.Largest Bird The ostrich or Struthio Camelus (upto 156.8 Kg)
11. Largest city in population Tokyo, Japan
12.Largest MammalBlue Whale(Upto 1,50,000 Kg, 25m Length, Life span upto 90 Years)

Longest Thing in The World

S. No.TypePlace
1. Longest Railway Trans-Siberian Railway
2. Longest River Nile
3. Longest Ship Canal St. Laurence Seaway (USA and Canada)
4.Longest Railway PlatformGorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh, India)
5. Longest Wall The Great Wall of China
6.Longest River DamHirakud Dam, Odisha, India
7.Longest Mountain RangeAndes (South America, About 7000 Km)
8. Longest Road Tunnel Laedal Tunnel, Norway (24.5 Km)
9.Longest Snake Reticulated Python (About 30ft)

Tallest Thing in The World

S. No.TypePlace
1. Tallest Building Burj Khalifa, Dubai (828 m)
2. Tallest Monument Gateway Arch, USA (192m)
3. Tallest Animal Giraffe
4.Tallest Bird Sarus Crane (6.6 ft)
5.Tallest Mountain Mount Everest (8,850m above Sea level)

Smallest Thing in The World

S. No.TypePlace
1. Smallest Continent Australia
2. Smallest Bird Humming Bird
3. Smallest Planet Mercury
4.Smallest Animal by Weight The Etruscan shrew
5.Smallest Animal By Length Bumblebee Bat
6.Shortest Man Chandra Bahadur Dangi, Nepal, 21.5 inch
7.Smallest Fish Paedocypris progenetica (7.9mm)
8.Smallest Snake Barbados threadsnake

Biggest Thing in The World

S. No.TypePlace
    1. Biggest Planet Jupiter
    2. Biggest Country by Area Russia
    3.Biggest OceanPacific Ocean
    4.Hottest PlaceDeath Valley, California, USA( 56.7°C )
    5. Deepest Ocean Pacific Ocean
    6. Deepest Lake Lake Baikal (1642m)

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