Sell Amazon Gift Card For Cash

Now you can sell your amazon gift card and get your cash in your preferred bank account. You can also sell amazon gift card for cash. The below conversion methods are also allowed for your convenience.

  • Convert Amazon Gift Card to Flipkart Gift Card
  • Convert Amazon Gift Card to Money

We also Support the below conversion method which you won’t find anywhere.

  • Convert Amazon Gift card to Cash
  • Convert Amazon Gift card to Paytm

Few more conversion methods are also added.

  • Convert Amazon Gift card to Paypal
  • Convert Amazon Gift card to Bank Account

So, we support most of the possible conversion methods. Now your Amazon Gift cards can easily be en-cashed using our easy conversion tools.

Charges for Converting Amazon Gift Cards into cash or different other methods/account are given below.

We charge a very nominal fees to Convert your Amazon Vouchers.

Sell Amazon gift card
Sell in a Flash

Fees To Sell Amazon Gift Cards

We support all below methods for hassle free conversion experience.

  • Amazon to cash Bank Account – Using UPI
  • Amazon to Paytm
  • Amazon to Flipkart
  • To Paypal
  • AmazonTo PhonePe
  • Amazon to GPay

Conversion Fees and Other Charges

Transfer ToConversion ChargeMinimum Fees
Bank Account5%30
Phone Pe5%6
Google Pay5%6

Example –

Let’s go through two different scenario for better understanding.

Scenario -1.

Suppose your amazon voucher value = Rs. 100,
Transfer to – Paytm
Conversion Fee, 5% Or Minimum Fees of Rs. 6,
In this case, 5% = Rs. 5. So Rs. 5 will be deducted as conversion fees. because 5 % of Rs.100 is less than Rs. 6.
So You will receive Rs. 100-6 = Rs. 94 To your Paytm number.

Scenario -2.

Suppose your amazon voucher value = Rs. 2000
Transfer to – Paytm
Conversion Fee, 5% Or Minimum Fees of Rs. 6,
In this case, 5% = Rs. 100. So Rs. 100 will be deducted as conversion fees. because 5 % of Rs.2000 is greater than Rs. 5. So minimum You receive Rs. 2000-100 = Rs.1900 To your Paytm number.

There is no other hidden charges. Our system is crystal clear.

Fill The Below Form

Process to Convert Amazon Voucher into Cash etc

  1. You Fill the Below Form. ( Enter Correct Credentials)
  2. Then Submit. ( If you want to edit details after submit, Contact within 15 Minutes)
  3. We deduct the Conversion fees ( Charges are given below)
  4. We Initiate the transfer process
  5. You Receive your money/Voucher/Flipkart etc.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only transferred to Indian Bank Accounts/Mobile Numbers.
  2. Some time our conversion System may reach the weekly payment limit. In such case we will return your coupon/gift card or we may send the amount next week. (Note : Week Starts on Monday)
  3. Transfer will be initiated within 30 Minutes of Receiving the Coupon/Gift Card. However it may take some time to reflect in your account depending on your bank. Most of the time it takes about a minute. How ever in-some cases it can take upto 48-96 hours.
  4. No Hidden charges.


  • where can i sell amazon gift cards – Well you are on the right place. Go Ahead and sell your voucher.
  • i want to sell amazon gift card – Sell your Gift card and get your amount within minutes.
  • What If I didn’t receive my Amount even after 48-96 Hours? – You will Get an email from us when we initiate a transaction. After that you should expect the amount in your preferred method. But if for some reason you didn’t receive your money, Please reach us at [email protected] or contact the bank (Which ever is needed).


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