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Q. Which was the first talkie feature film of India?
Ans – Alam Ara ( Released on 14th March 1931

Q. The Maximum concentration of Schedule cast population is in?
Ans – Indo-Gangetic Plains

Q. Who developed the first automatic automobiles?
Ans – Henry Ford 

Q. The first person to enter into space was?
Ans – Yuri Gagarin ( On April 12, 1961 )

Q. Mudumalai wild life Sanctury is located in which state?
Ans – Tamilnadu (Established – 1940)

Q. Which was the birth Place of Guru Nanak?
Ans – Talvandi Village (Born on 15 April 1469, Nankana Sahib, Pakistan )

Q. M.R.L. Stands for? (Hints – In the field of Radiography) 
Ans- Magnetic resonance lymphangiography , Used to visualize and map the lymphatic vessels

Q. Where do you find the temple of Angkor Wat?
Ans – Cambodia ( Founded – 12th Century, Land Area – 163 ha ) 

Q. The Study of Visceral organ is?
Ans –  Angiology

Q. The Science dealing with teeth is ?
Ans – Odontology ( Odontology is the study of the structure, development and abnormalities of the teeth)

Q. ISRO is abbreviation for?
Ans – Indian Space Research Organisation ( Founded August 15, 1969 )

Q. What does ECS in banking transaction stands for?
Ans – Electronic Clearing Service ( It is usually used for transactions that are repetitive or periodic in nature )

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