Biology Quiz and GK

Biology quiz and gk

Biology Quiz and GK are very necessary for students those who are preparing themselves for competitive exams like NIIT, JEE MAIN, UPSC etc. Here are some questions and answers which help you all to focus on your exam. Mainly for Neet and Medicals.

Biology is a vast subject which include both animals and plant kingdom. The study of animals is known as Zoology and the study of Plants is called Botany. In this topic we will cover many aspect of both zoology and botany. It will be helpful for all kind of Aspirants. Coming Soon : Biology mcq pdf.

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Major Invention in Biology – Now find out some of bigger and reputed names in the world of Biology. Aristotle is one such name.

Upon completion of this topic, you will be able to answer every questions regarding Biology. Then you can take part in our short questionnaire to fine tune your brain. There are several biology objective type of questions with multiple option.

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Complete Biology GK & quiz for standard 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 10, 11, 12, for UPSC, Banking, IBPS Exams, Biology quiz for NEET Entrance, JEE Main. Biology is a main subject for medical entrance students. So focus oneach and every question and do check this page regularly to get latest updates and new questions with answers.

Biology Objective Type Quiz

Multiple choice type questions, objective type questions, Descriptive questions.

Question. Which of the following classes of animals has/have three chambered heart?

  • a) Pisces and Amphibia
  • b) Amphibia and Reptilia
  • c) Amphibia only
  • d) Reptilia only

Answer : (b) Amphibia and Reptilia

Q. Any organism with more than two genomes is called as –

  • a) Monoploids
  • b) Diploid
  • c) Haploid
  • d) Polyploid

Answer : d) Polyploid

Q. Which of the following parasites cause Malaria?

  • a) Trypanosoma
  • b) Entamoeba gingivelis
  • c) Plasmodium
  • d) None of the above

Answer : (c) Plasmodium

Q. The antibiotic penicillin is extracted from?

  • a) Plant
  • b) Bacteria
  • c) Virus
  • d) Animal

Answer: a) Plant

Q. What is triglyceride?

  • a) Mineral
  • b) Protein
  • c) Carbohydrate
  • d) Fat

Answer : d) Fat

Q. Which of the following organs do not produce digestive juices ?

  • a) Stomach
  • b) Pancreas
  • c) Urinary bladder
  • d) Liver

Answer: (c) Urinary bladder

Q. Desert plants are generally –

  • a) Succulent
  • b) Herbaceous
  • c) Heterophyllous
  • d) Viviparous

Answer: (a) Succulent

Biology Quiz with Answers

Q. Gall bladder stones are deposits of ?

  • a) Phosphorus
  • b) Cholesterol
  • c) Glucose
  • d) Calcium

Answer: (b) Cholesterol

Q. The naturally occurring anticoagulant in the human blood is called?

  • a) Heparin
  • b) Hirudin
  • c) Serotonin
  • d) Fibrinogen

Answer : (a) Heparin

Q. Which one of the following spices is obtained from flower buds?

  • a) Nutmeg
  • b) Cumin
  • c) Coriander
  • d) Clove

Answer : (d) Clove

Q. Which Mammal lays eggs?

  • a) Kangaroo
  • b) Opossum
  • c) Other
  • d) Duck-billed platypus

Answer : (d) Duck-billed platypus

Q. Which among the below is true for Haemoglobin ?

  • a) The colouring matter of Blood
  • b) The colouring matter of leaves of plants
  • c) A compound that transmits signal to the Brain
  • d) A compound present in Milk

Answer: (a) The colouring matter of Blood

Q. Jamun-fruit has purple colour due to the presence of

  • a) Leucoanthocyanin
  • b) Anthoxanthin
  • c) Cartene
  • d) Anthocyanin

Answer : (d) Anthocyanin

Q. Night Blindness is caused due to lack of ?

  • a) Vitamin A
  • b) Vitamin E
  • c) Vitamin D
  • d) Vitamin C

Answer : (a) Vitamin A

Q. What is full form of RNA or What does RNA stand for ?

  • a) Random Nitrogen Access
  • b) Ribonucleic Acid
  • c) Regulated Nitrogen Activation
  • d) Renucleic Acid

Answer : (b) Ribonucleic Acid

Q. Which animal does not make any sound?

  • a) Blue whale
  • b) Jaguar
  • c) Giraffe
  • d) Wild Dog

Answer : (c) Giraffe

Q. Minamata disease was caused due to?

  • a) Cyanide
  • b) Lead
  • c) Methyl isocyanate
  • d) Mercury

ANS: (d) Mercury

Q. System of growing plants through water culture methods is known as?

  • a) Hydroponics
  • b) Hydrophobia
  • c) Hydrophytes
  • d) Hydrotropism

Answer : (a) Hydroponics

Q. Which of the following amphibians lacks tongue?

  • a) Sphenodon
  • b) Necturus
  • c) Salamander
  • d) Ichthyophis

ANS: (d) Ichthyophis.

Explanation – It is called the Asian caecilians. It is a limbless amphibian.

Top 10 Biology Quiz

Q. Which of the following is a chromoprotein?

  • a) Mucin
  • b) Vitelline
  • c) Haemoglobin
  • d) Peptones

ANS: (c) Haemoglobin

Q. Diabetes is a disease affecting

  • a) Heart
  • b) Lungs
  • c) Pancreas
  • d) Liver

Answer : (c) Pancreas

Q. Where can you see stomata in lotus leaf?

  • a) Both lower and upper surface of leaf
  • b) Only lower surface of leaf
  • c) None of the above
  • d) Only upper surface of leaf

Answer : (d)

Q. Which one of the following air pollution can affect blood stream leading to death ?

  • a) Asbestos dust
  • b) Carbon monodioxide
  • c) Lead
  • d) Cadmium

Answer : (b)

Q. Bamboo is classified as?

  • a) Grass
  • b) Bush
  • c) Weed
  • d) Tree

Answer : (a) Grass

Q. Which one among the following gases readily combines with the haemoglobin of the blood?

  • a) Methene
  • b) Nitrogen dioxide
  • c) Carbon monoxide
  • d) Sulphur dioxide

ANS: (c) Carbon monoxide

Q. The gastrointestinal harmones namely secretin and cholecystokinin secreted by duodenal epithelium activate respectively Which organs to discharge their secretions?

  • a) Pancreas and stomach
  • b) Gallbladder and stomach
  • c) Stomach and small intestine
  • d) Pancreas and gallbladder

Answers: (a)

Q. In the human body, the basic building blocks are?

  • a) Cells
  • b) Nerves
  • c) Muscles
  • d) Bones

ANS: (a)

Q. The common edible mushroom is a?

  • a) mass of fungal spores
  • b) tightly packed mycelium
  • c) structure used for producing asexual spores
  • d) type of hypha

Answer: (a)

Suggestions :

Best Biology Books – Quiz and GK

We have listed out some Biology books for different standard students/readers. You can buy or download them at appropriate forum/portal.

Sl No. Book NameAuthor/PublicationIdeal For
1Clear Neet – Biology Volume-1Bhavya JainNeet/ClassXI
2NCERT at your Finger Tips – ObjectiveMTG LearningNEET/ClassXI-XII
3Biology Text book for Class XIINCERTClass XII
4Handbook of BiologySanjay Sharma/ArihantClass XI & XII
5Complete Neet Guide – MCQsMTG LearningNeet
6Biology Volume – 1 – Times PublicationKajal SihagUPSC/Railway
7Oswaal ICSE Question BankOswaal BooksClass 9
8Chapterwise Objective MCQsGurukul/OswalClass 10
9Science Biology – Dr. D.Chopra, Dr. H.N. SrivastavaPradeep’sClass X

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