Current Affairs Quiz and GK – 11 December 2019

Day’s Top Current Affairs Quiz and GK includes Mars Mission 2020, ISRO’s New satellite launch, Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 and many more. Stay updated with current affairs and gk for 11 december 2019.

current affairs quiz and gk 11 december 2019 mars rover nasa
Representative Image of Mars Rover – Photo By NASA

Now Lets go through these important current affairs and GK for 11 December 2019. Always read latest GK and current affairs only on

1. What is the name of the Satellite that ISRO Launched on 11 December 2019?
C. RISAT – 35D

ISRO Launched a total of 10 satellites on 11th of December. Among those, India’s Satellite name is RISAT – 2BR1. Remaing 9 commercial satellites were for different countries.

2. Total of how many Medals India won in the South Asian Games 2019 that just concluded in Nepal?
A. 198
B. 312
C. 418
D. 403

ANS : 312
South Asian Game 2019 was a very successful event for India’s point of view. As it secured A highest Medal Tally of 312, of which 174 Gold, 93 Silver and 45 Bronze. Srilanka won 251 Medals, Bangladesh 138, Pakistan 131, Bhutan 20, Maldives 5 and Nepal 206.

3. Premier Space Organisation NASA’s Mars Rover is scheduled to be launched in which year?
A. 2024
B. 2030
C. 2021
D. 2020

ANS : 2020
Nasa’s Mars Mission 2020 is scheduled to start on Summer of 2020 and the touch down on surface of Mars will be on February 2021. The Rover will have six wheels and it will search for potential biosignatures on the red planet.

4. Which Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV) was used to launch RISAT-2BR1?
B. PSLV – 48R
C. PSLV – 98R
D. PSLV – C48

ANS : PSLV – C48
PSLV – C48 is an Indian Satellite, recentluLaunch by ISRO from Sriharikota launch pad. RISAT-2BR1 is a radar imaging earth observation satellite weighing about 628 kg. The satellite will provide services in the field of Forestry Agriculture, and Disaster Management. The mission life of RISAT-2BR1 is 5 years.

5. How many Satellite Did PSLV – C48 carried?
A. 9
B. 10
C. 11
D. 12
ANS : 10

ISRO’s PSLV – C48 carried 10 Setellites to the orbit. This includes 1 Indian satellite RISAT – 2BR1, and other 9 Commercial satellites for Israel, Italy, USA and Japan.

6. Rajys Sabha Recently passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019. How Many MP have voted in favor of the Bill?
A. All
B. 105
C. 125
D. 99

ANS : 125
The CAB 2019 has been passed in the Rajya Sabha as 125 MPs have voted in favor of the bill and 105 have voted against the bill. The Bill seeks amendment to Citizenship Act 1955. It will have provision to give citizenship to non-muslim refugee who came from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to India on or before 31st December 2014.

7. Who has been conferred with Noble Peace Prize 2019?
A. Greta Thunberg
B. Abiy Ahmed
C. Lemma Megersa
D. Esther Duflo

ANS : Abiy Ahmed
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed has been conferred with Nobel Peace Prize 2019. Abiy Ahmed won the prize, in part, for making peace with Eritrea after one of Africa’s longest-running conflicts.

8. Which Indian Actor has been appointed recently as the Brand Ambassador of the NADA (National Anti Doping Agency)?
A. Sunil Shetty
B. Priyanka Chopra
C. Akshya Kumar
D. Salman Khan

ANS : Sunil Shetty
Bollywood Star Sunil Shetty has been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of India’s Anti Doping Agency. This is a step to boost the morale of the Athlet and inspire them to not take drugs.

9. How many Gold Medals India won in the South Asian Games 2019?
A. 98
B. 51
C. 203
D. 174

ANS : 174,
India has recorded winning of highest Gold Medals of 174 in the South Asian Games 2019 which is being held in Nepal. Nepal Won 51, Srilanka 40, Pakistan 31, Bhutan 0, Maldives 1 and Bangladesh 19 Gold Medals.

10. How many Fast Track courts will be set up in Odisha to handle Rape Cases?
A. 49
B. 59
C. 45
D. 34

ANS : 45,
The Odisha state Govt has announced that it would set up 45 new fast track courts to expedite Rape cases in the state. Out of these 24 Fast track court will deal with POSCO (Protection of children from Sexsual Offences) and 21 would be dedicated to the cases of Rape and Sexual harassment of Woman. The Centre Govt has decided to formulate 1023 Fast Track courts in this matter.

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