Current Affairs Quiz and GK – 13 December 2019

Today’s Top current affairs quiz and gk for 13 December has a wide range of topics in it. NIrmala Sitharaman ranked in Forbes Most powerful Women list and many more.

1. In how many states, the inner line permit has been implemented?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 12
D. 14

ANS : 4.

2. Leading magazine Forbes has recently released World’s Most powerful Woman List. What is the Rank of Nirmala Sitharaman?
A. 49th
B. 43rd
C. 34th
D. 3rd

ANS : 34 th

3. Bilateral military exercise 2019 between India and which nation is called INDRA?
A. Japan
C. Tokiyo
D. Russia

ANS : Russia

4. Recently a state government has decided to administer pledge to male students of all the schools in the state to behave well with the girls, Which state is it?
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Odisha
C. Assam
D. Delhi

ANS : Delhi

5. When is Universal Health Coverage Day observed ?
A. 12 December
B. 11 March
C. 16 March
D. 25 December

ANS : 12 December

6. Who wins the UK 2019 Election?
A. Labour Party of UK
B. Conservative Party
C. The Democrats
D. Republican Union

ANS : Conservative Party

7. Andhra Pradesh has passed a bill to award Death Penalty to the Rapists within how many days?
A. 21 Days
B. 31 Days
C. 90 Days
D. 180 Days

ANS : 21 Days

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