Play Republic Day Quiz Practice Set 1

Republic Day has a great importance for India. 26th of January every year, India celebrate it’s Republic Day. How much do you know about India and it’s history of Independence movement and struggles? Let’s Play Republic Day Quiz and Practice Set 1.

play republic day quiz contest
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This Contest apprise of 10 questions followed by four options. In this Play Republic Day Quiz set, you have to choose one option and proceed for next question. The result will be shown in the end of the quiz.

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Play Republic Day Quiz Contest


This Republic Day Quiz Contest is for Fun and Practice. Stay updated with Rich Indian History. Keep Playing.

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Who addresses the Nation in the eve  of Republic Day in India?

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The Three concepts, "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" highlighted in Indian Constitution was inspired by Which Constitution?


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When the National Anthem 'Jana Gana Mana' was adopted by the Constituent Assembly?

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Who was Chief Guest of First Republic Day of India?

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What's The Name of the 'Christian Hymn', That plays during the Republic Day Parade?

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Republic Day ends after which of the below ceremony?

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How many Assembly members had signed the copies of handwritten constituency on 26 Jan 1950? 

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Who was the head of the Indian Constitution Drafting Comitee?

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In which year India first celebrated its Republic day?

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Who Hoists the Indian National Flag on Republic Day in State Capitals?

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