Mothers Day Quiz Contest 2020

This year Mother’s Day is falling on 10th of May 2020. Mothers Day Quiz Contest is here to get you an opportunity to win gift worth Rs.999 as a amazon gift card. Each year Mothers day celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May every year to respect honor remember mother and motherhood and sacrifice done by the mothers of this world.

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Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at which Church?

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When was the first modern holiday of Mother's day was celebrated?

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On which date the Mother's day occurring in 2020?

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Who was believed to be the founder of Mother's day in America?

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What's the significance of Mother's Day?

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Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Well. upon completion of this contest, you wold be able to answer why is mother’s day celebrated across the world. However once the quiz show is over, we will answer with detailed description to this question.

When is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Mother’s day is celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May every year. The more facts and interesting history behind the mother’s day will be detailed out here.

History behind Mother’s Day

Mother’s day celebration dates back to thousand years, but more details available for modern day mother’s day and is a story of early 19 century. This Part also be disclosed once this show is over.

We encourage you to Play the contest and watch out this space after this contest is over on 12th May. Till Then, Suspense and Keep Patience!! All the Best for the Quiz Show

We bring a quiz competition to educate, enhance and finally winning some gifts for your mother. Let’s celebrate this festival of motherhood and take ride in it.

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  1. Mother memories is closet to my heart are the small.gentle one…They have carried me through the year s and given my life such as firm foundation that it does not rock beneath flood or tempest

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